Sylwia Serafinowicz

Julian Józef Antoniszczak

May 2013

Julian Józef Antoniszczak (1941–1987), who signed his films Julian Antonisz, was a cofounder of the famous Studio Filmów Animowanych in Kraków, and known as an animator, a composer, and the inventor of multiple non-camera film techniques,… READ ON

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Daniel Malone

May 2013

Daniel Malone’s show “The Proof Reader/Śledź zmiany” was an insightful study of the mechanisms of translation. Malone has over five years’ experience in editing and proofreading texts for numerous Polish art institutions. The Polish… READ ON

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Radek Szlaga

February 2013

Radek Szlaga paints his canvases with such a dense layering of colors that the figures he portrays seem to melt into the viscous surface, even as the entire tableau glows with an inner light. But while the sheer materiality of these works … READ ON

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Bjarne Melgaard

Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)

October 2012

“A House to Die In,” Bjarne Melgaard’s visually seductive new exhibition, is a collaboration with Snøhetta, the Norwegian architectural firm that designed the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York. This work, which is expected to be finished… READ ON


“Image Counter Image”

Haus der Kunst

August 2012

This exhibition significantly updates a decades-long theoretical reflection on the relationship between the production of knowledge and its visibility. Investigating the past twenty years of visual representation of armed conflicts, the … READ ON


“Sounding the Body Electric: Experiments in Art and Music in Eastern Europe 1957–1984”

May 2012

Assembling some forty experiments in film, sound sculpture, design, and graphic notation, “Sounding the Body Electric” exposes the fertile relationship between experimental art and new music in Eastern Europe during the Cold War, when … READ ON


Pravdoliub Ivanov

April 2012

The first Warsaw exhibition by Bulgarian artist Pravdoliub Ivanov was announced by the Polish word PÓŁPRAWDA, “half-truth,” whose upper portion could be read above the bridge between two parts of the apartment building in the center of… READ ON

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Eva Kot’átková

February 2012

Eva Kot’átková’s solo show in Raster’s new gallery, located in the former seat of the ORNO jewelry artisans’ cooperative, contained elements reminiscent of stage design (curtains, benches made in situ), fragments of older works, … READ ON

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“Side by Side”

December 2011

This exhibition, a collaboration between the Royal Castle in Warsaw and the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, studies the dazzling cultural ties forged between Poland and Germany through over seven hundred works of art produced in the past one … READ ON


Honza Zamojski

October 2011

Honza Zamojski is among the artists nominated this year for the prestigious Spojrzenia award from Deutsche Bank and the Zaçheta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw, intended to showcase emerging artists. For his recent show “Me, Myself & … READ ON

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