Timo Valjakka

“The Invisible Lady”

Amos Anderson Art Museum

September 2013

This group exhibition includes the work of four Finnish artists who in various ways focus on the border between the subjective self and the surrounding world. The title of the show refers not to the art on display but rather to a real though… READ ON


Thomas Schütte

Sara Hildén Art Museum

April 2013

Thomas Schütte’s first solo exhibition in the Nordic countries includes eighteen monumental steel, bronze, and aluminum sculptures from his 1999–2011 “Frauen” series. Displayed on heavy steel tables, they draw not only on the tradition… READ ON


Hannu Väisänen

Galerie Forsblom

February 2013

There have been two major turning points in the artistic career of the Finnish artist Hannu Väisänen. One of these came in 1998, when he was invited to illustrate the Finnish national epic The Kalevala; the other came in 2004, when he … READ ON


Toby Ziegler

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

October 2012

Toby Ziegler’s working process is central to his art; this is evidenced in the handmade appearance of the two sculptures on view here. He begins by selecting reproductions from books and the Internet, favoring such items as ancient Greek … READ ON


Tomás Saraceno

Kunsthalle Helsinki

September 2012

To those familiar with Tomás Saraceno’s room-filling, spiderweb-like sculptures, his latest solo exhibition may come as a surprise. While it includes one large-scale thread installation, 14 Billions (Working Title), 2010, the rest evokes… READ ON


Jacob Dahlgren

Galerie Anhava

June 2012

The centerpiece in Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren’s latest exhibition is “Subject of Art,” 2012, a series of fifteen small, building block–like wall reliefs, each made out of hundreds of yellow pencils. Dahlgren has systematically … READ ON


Jiri Geller

Showroom Helsinki

May 2012

The most striking works in Jiri Geller’s latest exhibition are three neon-colored sculptures, spiderlike objects that seem to lack all materiality and weight as they burst through the gallery wall, rise up from a pedestal, or float in front… READ ON


Charles Sandison

December 2011

Charles Sandison’s latest exhibition contains only one work, but it is a big one: Tavastehus kronomagasines, 2011, fills both floors of the museum, yet the viewer experiences it as a single piece, not a thing in two parts. The Scottish-born,… READ ON


“Ars 11”

October 2011

“Ars 11” is the latest edition in a series of large-scale, thematic exhibitions staged by Kiasma and its institutional predecessors since 1961. While the topic of the current show is African contemporary art, this is not just a cavalcade… READ ON


Jaakko Heikkilä

July 2011

Various religious, ethnic, and other minorities have been the subjects of Finnish photographer Jaakko Heikkilä’s work for the past fifteen years. His search for these groups and individuals has taken him to Russia, Serbia, and Brazil, as… READ ON