Timo Valjakka

Jaakko Heikkilä

July 2011

Various religious, ethnic, and other minorities have been the subjects of Finnish photographer Jaakko Heikkilä’s work for the past fifteen years. His search for these groups and individuals has taken him to Russia, Serbia, and Brazil, as… READ ON


Fred Sandback

April 2011

Perhaps it’s only a truism that a work of art has to be experienced live—that any reproduction only hints at the actual presence of the work and its relationship to the surrounding space and the viewer. With Fred Sandback’s sculptures,… READ ON


“Peekaboo – Current South Africa”

October 2010

My favorite works in “Peekaboo – Current South Africa” are Daniel Naudé’s large photographs of lean, sinewy wild dogs taken in the deserts of South Africa. According to legend, the dogs originated in the courts of the ancient pharaohs… READ ON


Isaac Julien

September 2010

Ten Thousand Waves, 2010, Isaac Julien’s new nine-channel video installation, is a beautiful, poetic experience. Filmed mainly in China, it weaves staged studio imagery and fragments of historical documents together with contemporary views… READ ON


“New British Painting”

June 2010

There are different kinds of newness. Among them is the paradigmatic newness of something taking place for the first time, or of something that rewrites history. But there is also the newness that appears new only because it goes against … READ ON