Tina Rivers

Marta Minujín

Henrique Faria Fine Art

June 2015

A pioneering Argentinian artist who contributed to Happenings and Pop as well as Art and Technology in the 1960s, Marta Minujín is once again ubiquitous. Last fall, her work appeared in the Guggenheim’s reconsideration of Latin American … READ ON


Jon Rafman

May 2015

Curated by Mark Lanctôt A year after unlocking the same achievement in the US, Montreal native Jon Rafman will have his first solo museum show in Canada, at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal. This homecoming will present Rafman’s… READ ON


Cory Arcangel

Team Gallery | Wooster Street

October 2014

In Diddy/Lakes, 2013—the first in the recent series of Arcangel’s work featured here—a seventy-inch flat screen displays a photo of the perennially recycled rapper boarding a private jet. As in all of the Lakes, the image has been … READ ON


Clement Valla


April 2014

In utilizing texture maps—a form of visual data generated by the rendering of objects into 3-D digital models—Clement Valla’s new series, “Surface Survey,” 2014, highlights the eroding boundary between the real and the virtual … READ ON


Stan Douglas

David Zwirner | 519, 525 & 533 West 19th Street

January 2014

In Luanda-Kinshasa, 2013, a six-hour-and-one-minute video, Stan Douglas revisits some of the major ideas that have informed his work to date: the video loop as a mechanism of the Freudian uncanny; the past as a construction of the present; … READ ON


Katherine Bauer

Microscope Gallery

January 2014

Though their scale and amorphous, explosive forms resemble those of Abstract Expressionist paintings, Katherine Bauer’s “Eye-O-Grams,” (all works 2013)—like Man Ray’s Rayograms—are black-and-white photos produced by shadows and … READ ON


“Fearful Symmetry”

Balice Hertling at the Film Center

November 2013

Borrowing its title from William Blake’s poem “The Tyger” (“What immortal hand or eye / Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”), this exhibition, deftly curated by Zoe Stillpass, argues that symmetry—a metonym for beauty in Western … READ ON



Denny Gallery

November 2013

This show contributes to the heated debate over the relationship between contemporary art and digital technology by cleverly focusing on the idea of “windows.” In this context, windows is a double entendre, referring both to the long-standing… READ ON


Aldo Tambellini

James Cohan Gallery

September 2013

As this important retrospective makes clear, the subject of Aldo Tambellini’s work from the 1960s onwards has been blackness. For the artist, blackness is multivalent, opening onto both the aesthetic and the sociopolitical problems of the… READ ON


Zak Kitnick

Clifton Benevento

May 2013

Like John Baldessari's What Is Painting, 1968, Zak Kitnick’s recent wall-mounted sculptures are playfully self-reflexive. Available in thirty-two permutations, each sculpture comprises a monochrome steel shelving unit holding multiples of… READ ON