Tony Pipolo

Looking Both Ways

Tony Pipolo on Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Look of Silence

July 2015

EASILY ONE OF the most courageous and profound documentaries in ages, The Look of Silence is director Joshua Oppenheimer’s follow up to The Act of Killing (2012), his shocking exposé about the Indonesian “gangsters” who tortured and … READ ON


Cuts Above the Rest

Tony Pipolo on Japan Cuts at the Japan Society

July 2015

AMONG THE HIGHLIGHTS of the ninth annual Japan Cuts Festival are two movies starring the popular Sakura Ando. This chameleon-like actress (fleeting but unforgettable in Kyoshi Kurosawa’s television series Penance, later turned into a … READ ON


Bird’s-eye View

Tony Pipolo on A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

June 2015

IMPECCABLY CRAFTED AND VISUALLY ARRESTING, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, the final chapter of Roy Andersson’s “The Living Trilogy,” is the wittiest, most engaging black comedy I’ve seen in ages. Mastering the art… READ ON


Age of Innocence

Tony Pipolo on “Artists, Amateurs, Alternative Spaces” at BAMcinématek

May 2015

THOUGH THE TITLE of the upcoming program at BAMcinématek might seem a bit grandiose for the relatively modest group of works being shown, it’s a unique opportunity to catch rarely screened films and videos from a nearly ignored era and … READ ON


Ken Jacobs’s The Guests


April 2015

The truest, most astounding, and perhaps most dangerous glory of the Lumière brothers is not to have spun the development of a “seventh art”. . . . No, its glory is having created a form of witchcraft akin to that of the prophet Joshua,… READ ON

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Hide and Go Seek

Tony Pipolo on Sylvia Schedelbauer at Anthology Film Archives

March 2015

WITH SIX SHORT WORKS to her videography, Sylvia Schedelbauer is easily one of the most impressive moving-picture artists to emerge in the past decade. Born in Japan of a Japanese mother and a German father—both of whom severed ties to their… READ ON


Look Who’s Talking

Tony Pipolo on First Look at the Museum of the Moving Image

January 2015

THERE’S PLENTY OF GENUINELY UNUSUAL FARE at this year’s First Look series at the Museum of the Moving Image. In addition to new works by American stalwarts Jon Jost and Ken Jacobs (whose 3-D venture The Guests is not to be missed) and … READ ON


Andrey Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan


January 2015

RUSSIAN DIRECTOR Andrey Zvyagintsev made an auspicious debut in 2003 with The Return, a film about the primal struggle of a father, returned from a long, unidentified war, to assume authority over his two adolescent, none too welcoming sons.… READ ON

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It’s the Small Things

Tony Pipolo on “Cinemas as Found Object: Films and Videos by Vincent Grenier”

November 2014

INITIALLY DRAWN TO PAINTING AND SCULPTURE, Quebec-born Vincent Grenier began making films in 1970 and has taught at Binghamton University since 1999. He has more than fifty films and digital works to his credit, many of which screened over … READ ON


Frame to Frame

Tony Pipolo on Projections at the 52nd New York Film Festival

October 2014

“PROJECTIONS” IS THE NEW LABEL for the sidebar of the New York Film Festival devoted to film and digital works formerly shown under the rubric Views from the Avant-Garde. With fewer programs, none of which overlap, it is possible, were … READ ON