Travis Jeppesen

Keith Vaughan

Royal Pavilion & Museums

July 2014

“A Volatile Medium,” the title of this exhibition, is also how Keith Vaughan referred to gouache, the material and technique he employed increasingly in the last fifteen years of his life, following his 1962 retrospective at Whitechapel… READ ON


Geta Brătescu

Galerie Barbara Weiss

July 2014

Although Geta Brătescu has been favorably compared to Louise Bourgeois—undoubtedly because of her gender and the longevity of her prolific output—a more apt comparison might be to Joseph Beuys in the sheer fervor of her fusion of the … READ ON


James Benning

June 2014

Often misread as a structuralist filmmaker, James Benning is really more of a landscape poet. His work reflects a complete surrender to the mired totality of the natural world, yet he is ever mindful of humankind’s tinkerings and contaminations.… READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 2014 [TOC]

Critical Mass

May 2014

IN THE SPRINGTIME, Pyongyang is shrouded in a pale mist that gives the city an enchanted and ethereal quality. For a moment, especially when dawn breaks over the city and the sun becomes a distant perfect golden circle in the sky, you can … READ ON


Continental Drifts

Travis Jeppesen at the 64th Berlinale Film Festival

February 2014

AS OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY in the States froze their buns off, Berliners were subjected to a freakishly premature arrival of spring this February. I imagine that those who only visit Berlin for the annual Berlin International Film Festival … READ ON


Absent Presence

Travis Jeppesen at the 2013 DocLisboa festival

November 2013

IT BEGAN WITH AN ABSENCE. Invited to serve as jury president at this year’s DocLisboa, where his new film Manuscripts Don’t Burn (2013) would close the festival, Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof had his passport confiscated by the … READ ON



Travis Jeppesen at the 27th London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

April 2013

CHANGE IS IN THE AIR, but is it happening fast enough? Certainly the season begs for more: The freezing cold and snowy winds of the past two weeks in London have established that spring has no intention of working her magic anytime soon. No… READ ON



March 2013

FOR SUNG HWAN KIM, ideas are less the thing than stories. “I know that it doesn’t matter if things are true or not,” Kim begins in From the Commanding Heights . . . , 2007. “But this is a true story.” He launches into a narrative … READ ON

IN PRINT March 2013 [TOC]

House of Style

Travis Jeppesen at the 63rd Berlinale

February 2013

SELLING OUT IS HARD TO DO. One becomes known for a certain style, and then what? Several directors—Gus Van Sant and Wong Kar-wai among them—showed up to this year’s Berlinale with the sort of average pictures that made you yearn for … READ ON


Crime Wave

Travis Jeppesen at the 63rd Berlinale

February 2013

NAVIGATING THE HUNDREDS of films comprising the Berlinale is nerve-wracking—you always feel like you’re bound to miss the big one, whatever that may be. Lest your Berlinale experience become a marathon of unwatchables showcasing … READ ON