Travis Jeppesen

Top of the Poppers

Travis Jeppesen at the 1st Berlin Art Film Festival

January 2015

ONE OF THE TAWDRIER ENTRIES on the schedule of this year’s inaugural Berlin Art Film Festival was a screening of Ebo Hill’s Bonking Berlin Bastards, with live dubbing by a duo (critic-programmer Toby Ashraf and filmmaker Telemachos Alexiou)… READ ON


Olafur Eliasson

January 2015

Ever since Olafur Eliasson debuted his Green River project (in which he introduced a nontoxic substance into a stream so that the water temporarily glowed a bright-neon green) in Berlin in 1998, rivers have been an obsession for him. Now, … READ ON

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Jaanus Samma

Tallinn Art Hall

November 2014

For his current solo exhibition, Jaanus Samma has transformed the gallery space into a pop-up boutique, complete with display cases, racks, a full-length mirror, dressing room, couch, and a video collage blending shots of graffiti with models… READ ON


Utopia Station

Travis Jeppesen on the 12th Doclisboa

November 2014

I ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD to the month of October because it brings the multitudinous possibilities of Doclisboa, one of the finest film festivals of its sort in Europe. The programming ethos of Doclisboa is as unrelenting in its commitments to… READ ON


Raymond Pettibon

October 2014

Alas, poor Pettibon! Poet sublime of cryptic fabulosity, inkpot noirist, and restless chronicler of the muck and ick that splatters so freely, then embeds itself like a cancer, forming the blackest recesses of American consciousness. His … READ ON

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Keith Vaughan

Royal Pavilion & Museums

July 2014

“A Volatile Medium,” the title of this exhibition, is also how Keith Vaughan referred to gouache, the material and technique he employed increasingly in the last fifteen years of his life, following his 1962 retrospective at Whitechapel… READ ON


Geta Brătescu

Galerie Barbara Weiss

July 2014

Although Geta Brătescu has been favorably compared to Louise Bourgeois—undoubtedly because of her gender and the longevity of her prolific output—a more apt comparison might be to Joseph Beuys in the sheer fervor of her fusion of the … READ ON


James Benning

June 2014

Often misread as a structuralist filmmaker, James Benning is really more of a landscape poet. His work reflects a complete surrender to the mired totality of the natural world, yet he is ever mindful of humankind’s tinkerings and contaminations.… READ ON

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Critical Mass

May 2014

IN THE SPRINGTIME, Pyongyang is shrouded in a pale mist that gives the city an enchanted and ethereal quality. For a moment, especially when dawn breaks over the city and the sun becomes a distant perfect golden circle in the sky, you can … READ ON


Continental Drifts

Travis Jeppesen at the 64th Berlinale Film Festival

February 2014

AS OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY in the States froze their buns off, Berliners were subjected to a freakishly premature arrival of spring this February. I imagine that those who only visit Berlin for the annual Berlin International Film Festival … READ ON