Wes Hill

Mierle Laderman Ukeles

Institute of Modern Art

October 2014

Mierle Laderman Ukeles’s first solo exhibition in Australia restages a 1998 exhibition held at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in New York. This iteration, curated by Krist Gruijthuijsen, features documentation of twenty-one works, installed across… READ ON


“Voice and Reason”

Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art

November 2013

“Voice and Reason,” a collection-driven group show that concentrates on aesthetic exchanges between indigenous and nonindigenous Australian artists, extends this gallery’s focus on cultural integration, a mission it has pursued since … READ ON


Song Dong

Gallery 4A (Asia Australia Arts Centre)

March 2013

The Chinese artist Song Dong’s eclectic output can sometimes project indifference, but it can also be surprisingly intimate. “Dad and Mum, Don’t Worry About Us, We Are All Well” explores Song’s relationship with his deceased father,… READ ON


Peter Tyndall

Anna Schwartz Gallery | Sydney

December 2012

Peter Tyndall has long been recognized as a seminal contributor to the development of postmodern art in Australia. Curated by Doug Hall—a former director of the Queensland Art Gallery—this uncluttered exhibition provides a historical … READ ON


“Everything Falls Apart, Part II”

ARTSPACE Visual Arts Centre

September 2012

This final installment of a two-part exhibition centers on contemporary artworks that have largely been made in response to the breakdown of political and ideological structures. Addressing the nature of political conflict, here Vernon Ah … READ ON


Wim Wenders

Deichtorhallen Hamburg

May 2012

In films such as Paris, Texas (1984), The End of Violence (1997), and Palermo Shooting (2008), Wim Wenders presents seemingly frivolous characters who slowly reveal their intricate life stories amid picturesque surroundings. Some of these … READ ON


Thomas Baldischwyler

Galerie Conradi

February 2012

For Thomas Baldischwyler, painting is more an unrestrictive mode of practice than a medium. In his latest solo exhibition, his work encompasses figurative and abstract painting, fluorescent lights, readymade sculptures, and collages––all… READ ON


Paul Laffoley

November 2011

The term post-critical has been thrown around in recent years to describe the ideals of hybridity and inclusivity governing much contemporary art. In this context, the exclusive category of “outsider artist” appears antiquated and … READ ON


Plamen Dejanoff

October 2011

Plamen Dejanoff’s latest exhibition features work from his ongoing project “The Bronze House,” which the artist began planning in 2006 and which revolves around the construction of functional bronze houses throughout the Bulgarian city… READ ON


Matt Mullican

August 2011

Showcasing his forty-year career in an extraordinary range of media, Matt Mullican’s retrospective assails viewers with the structured disorder for which he is known. The exhibition’s title, “Organizing the World,” is somewhat … READ ON