Zachary Cahill

“A Proximity of Consciousness”

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Galleries

November 2014

Richly sensorial, “A Proximity of Consciousness,” curated by Mary Jane Jacob and Kate Zeller, explores glancing moments of intersection between social practice and the natural elements. How social practice ought to be exhibited has been… READ ON


Amy Vogel

Cleve Carney Art Gallery at College of DuPage

September 2014

One of the more tired arguments regarding nature is that it is simply our own construction. It’s not. It is a collaboration. “Paraperspective,” a fifteen-year survey of Amy Vogel’s work, which is curated by artist Joseph Grigely, … READ ON


“Phantoms in the Dirt”

Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago

September 2014

Photography is dead, or so “Phantoms in the Dirt” might suggest. After nearly two centuries, photography finds itself in a predicament similar to what it inflicted on painting—questioning its significance in light of changing technology… READ ON


Nairy Baghramian

The Art Institute of Chicago

August 2014

Nothing plain is simple. This apparent paradox encapsulates some of the mercurial magic found in Nairy Baghramian’s first foray into the Midwestern United States. Curated by Susanne Ghez, the exhibition demonstrates Baghramian’s particular… READ ON


Sarah Pierce

Walter Phillips Gallery

February 2014

Befitting its dyadic title, Sarah Pierce’s exhibition “Lost Illusions/Illusions Perdue” prompts two possible interpretations: one based in denotation and the other in connotation—although trying to untangle one from the other is not… READ ON


Lauren Edwards

Andrew Rafacz Gallery

December 2013

For her first solo exhibition in Chicago, Lauren Edwards has staged a subtle sculptural onslaught of photography’s indexical claims to reality. In so doing the artist scrambles our ontological categories of sculpture and photography with… READ ON


Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris speaks about her latest exhibition

September 2013

Los Angeles–based artist Rebecca Morris is known for her paintings and sharp compositional wit. Here, she discusses her approach to abstraction and the impulses behind her upcoming solo exhibition, “Party Cut,” which is on view at … READ ON


“Gordon Matta-Clark, Suzanne Harris, Tina Girouard: The 112 Greene Street Years”

Rhona Hoffman Gallery

July 2013

Strip away the thick nostalgia that lards our collective memory of the art scene tied to SoHo in the early 1970s, and the vital attributes of the exhibition “The 112 Greene Street Years” at Rhona Hoffman Gallery shine through with a … READ ON


Ragnar Kjartansson

Luhring Augustine

March 2013

While encountering Ragnar Kjartansson’s “The Visitors,” one cannot help but discern a palpable sense of kinship, reminiscent of the communal bonding that often transpires during artist residencies—a zone not entirely aberrant to this… READ ON


Candice Breitz

Candice Breitz discusses her new video trilogy

January 2013

Candice Breitz is an artist whose practice delves into the nature of identity production through the circuits of mass media. Here she discusses her video trilogy The Woods, which comprises The Audition, The Rehearsal, and The Interview, works… READ ON