Zehra Jumabhoy

“Nasreen Mohamedi: Waiting is Part of Intense Living”

September 2015

Curated by Roobina Karode This retrospective follows on the heels of Nasreen Mohamedi’s exquisite solo show at Tate Liverpool in 2014. But Madrid’s contribution—which tracks the late artist’s minimalist images from the 1950s to the … READ ON


Central London

The Art15 fair in London

May 2015 LONDON

I BLINKED. Sitting in front of me was a blond Yeti. Stepping closer, I noticed that his “hair” consisted of rubber bands. “Oh, you’ve met our monster!” said a girl at the booth. “He has lots of admirers.” Admiration wasn’t … READ ON


Seven Year Itch

The 7th India Art Fair

February 2015 NEW DELHI

NOW IN ITS SEVENTH YEAR, this year’s India Art Fair recalled a debutante at the end of the season, i.e., a wee bit weary. The preview to the four-day affair boasted less zest than prior iterations. Of course, familiar faces could still be… READ ON


Imran Qureshi

February 2015

Ikon Gallery evoked the scene of a crime. Red stains spattered the floor and appeared to trickle down walls. Was this the aftermath of a murder, a riot, a war? Yet as visitors stepped gingerly over what looked like pools of dried blood, we … READ ON

IN PRINT February 2015 [TOC]

Bhupen Khakhar


March 2014

OVER THE PAST DECADE, the late Indian painter Bhupen Khakhar (1934–2003) has been alternately celebrated as the “king of kitsch” and the father of Indian pop art. He famously appeared as a visionary artist in Salman Rushdie’s 1995 … READ ON

IN PRINT March 2014 [TOC]

Say You Want a Revolution

The 6th India Art Fair

February 2014 NEW DELHI

ROUND AND ROUND and round we go. It was the eve of the sixth edition of the India Art Fair, and a group of us had made our way into Gallery SKE for Sudarshan Shetty’s solo exhibition, “Every Broken Moment, Piece by Piece.” The show kept… READ ON


Amar Kanwar

February 2014

Beauty is interspersed with menace in “The Sovereign Forest + Other Stories,” New Delhi-based Amar Kanwar’s first major show in the UK. Nestled among the undulating hills of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is the shadow-filled Underground… READ ON

IN PRINT February 2014 [TOC]

“Subodh Gupta: Everything is Inside”

January 2014

Curated by Germano Celant The rest of the world may have seen a lot of Subodh Gupta recently, but this mid- career survey is the most comprehensive to date in his hometown. Spread across two wings of the NGMA, Gupta’s solo will contain … READ ON


Idris Khan

January 2014

This season, black is the new black. Despite—or, possibly, because of—its racial connotations, it’s been the noncolor of choice for an unusual number of recent London exhibitions, among them Indian modernist F. N. Souza’s black-on-black… READ ON

IN PRINT January 2014 [TOC]

Sheila Hicks

October 2013

Visiting Paris-based artist Sheila Hicks’s first solo show in the UK, “Pêcher dans la Rivière” (Fishing in the River), was like entering a seductive subterranean realm. In the titular installation, 1989–2013, some thirteen feet of… READ ON

IN PRINT October 2013 [TOC]