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  • Aargauer Kunsthaus

    Aargauerplatz  / +41628352330 /
    Tue - Sun 10am to 5pm, Thu 10am to 8pm

    Christian Marclay Christian Marclay

    Aug 30 - Nov 15, 2015

    A solo presentation to Christian Marclay’s wide-ranging artistic oeuvre of recent years.

    Kyra Tabea Balderer CARAVAN 3/2015: Series of exhibitions of young art

    Aug 30 - Nov 15, 2015

    Leipzig-based artist creates abstract pictorial worlds. Works start out from issues of representing space in two-dimensional images.

    Nocturnal Images Nocturnal Images

    Aug 30 - Nov 15, 2015

    This presentation shows how artists from different periods deal with the absence of light and arrive at distinct forms of representation.