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Today is:April 21, 2015
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  • Arrow Factory 箭厂空间

    38 Jianchang Hutong /
    Tue - Sun 11am to 6pm

    Liu Yin 刘茵 Publica

    Mar 1 - May 1, 2015

    As an evolving, time-based project, “Publica” works will be created and displayed in the storefront over the duration of the exhibition.

  • Aye Gallery 也云画廊

    Room 601, Unit 3, Yong He Garden, Yard 3, Dong Bin He RoadAn Ding Men  / +861084221726 /
    Tue - Sun 10am to 6pm

    Aye Gallery specializes in modern and contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.

    Shi Xinji 史新骥 Detached Imagery | 若水集

    Mar 29 - May 25, 2015

  • Galerie Paris-Beijing

    5 Qian Yong Kang Hu Tong DongZhiMen, Dong Cheng Qu  / +861064018782 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 7pm

    Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery specializes in photography. Please contact gallery for more information.
  • Intelligentsia Gallery 智先画廊

    Dongwang Hutong #11  / +8618310754745 /

    Garcia Frankowski, Wu Ding, Ren Zhitian, Haidutschek, Kiselev, Mena Rhetorical Materialism

    Apr 4 - May 11, 2015

    Curated by Garcia Frankowski the exhibition presents paintings, installation, video, sculpture, and photography.