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Today is:July 05, 2015
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  • Boisgirard & Associées

    1 rue de la Grange Batelière  / +33147708136 /

    Boisgirard & Associées is an auction house specializing in ancient, modern, and contemporary art. Please visit website for more information.
  • Christie's - Paris

    9 Avenue Matignon  / +33140768585 /
    Mon - Fri 9am to 6pm

    From 2001, Christie’s Paris has held auctions in such various fields from antiquity to contemporary art.
  • Sotheby's - Paris

    Galerie Charpentier, 76, rue du Faubourg Saint  / +33153055305 /
    Sun - Fri 10am to 6pm

    Sotheby's manages private sales, real estate sales, art auctions, and related art financing. Please see website for more information.
  • Tajan

    37 rue des Mathurins  / +33153303030 /

    Tajan is an auction house offers more than 100 sales each year. Please visit website for more information.