Must See Paris

  • Ends February 1st 2015

  • David Altmejd’s first retrospective in France was conceived as an artwork in its own right. The immersive installation evokes an alien landscape populated by sculptural beings whose bodies are intricate fusions of natural elements and high-tech materials.

    David Altmejd Flux

    Oct 10, 2014 - Feb 1, 2015

    Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (MaM)

    11 avenue du Président Wilson  / +33153674000 /
    Tue - Sun 10am to 6pm

  • Ends February 8th 2015

  • This traveling exhibition dedicated to American photographer Garry Winograd is the late artist’s first retrospective in France in more than twenty years. Grouped into three chronological sections, the show connects Winograd’s iconic photographs of New York City in the 1950s and ’60s with work from his less well-known late period (1971 until his death in 1984) during which he documented street life in other American cities including Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Miami.

    Garry Winogrand

    Oct 14, 2014 - Feb 8, 2015

    Jeu de Paume

    1 place de la Concorde  / +33147031250 /
    Tue 11am to 9pm, Wed - Sun 11am to 7pm

  • Ends February 15th 2015

  • Organized in collaboration with the Guggenheim Bilbao, the first major retrospective of Niki de Saint Phalle in twenty years celebrates the artist’s diverse oeuvre with more than two hundred paintings, sculptures, prints, films, and performances. The Grand Palais exhibition locates Saint Phalle—who was born in France, grew up in the United States, and worked between the two countries during her long career—as simultaneously part of Paris’s neo-realist movement and New York’s Pop art movement.

    Niki de Saint Phalle Niki de Saint Phalle

    Sep 17, 2014 - Feb 15, 2015

    Grand Palais

    3, avenue du Général Eisenhower  / +33144131717 /

  • Brussels-based artist Nicolas Party presents new pastels inspired by Félix Vallotton’s 1916 painting Four Torsos, which depicts four female nudes seen from behind. Party’s large black-and-white nudes drawn directly on the walls of the Centre Culturel Swiss create a sensual backdrop for his framed colorful pastel landscapes.

    Nicolas Party Pastel et nu

    Jan 16 - Feb 15, 2015

    Centre Culturel Suisse de Paris

    32-38, rue des Francs-Bourgeois  / +33142714450 /
    Tue - Sun 1pm to 7pm

  • Ends February 16th 2015

  • Olafur Eliasson’s work for the newly opened Frank Gehry–designed Fondation Louis Vuitton is an elaborate choreography of light and shadows. Among the experiential site-specific works is an outdoor solar device that directs sunlight onto a sculpture suspended inside the gallery.

    Olafur Eliasson Contact

    Dec 17, 2014 - Feb 16, 2015

    Fondation Louis Vuitton

    8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi  / +33140699600 /

  • Ends February 21st 2015

  • Marian Goodman is presenting two recent video works by Dutch artist Rineke Dijkstra, which debuted at Manifesta 2014. One of the videos introduces Marianna, a young Russian classical dancer, and the other, projected on three walls of the gallery, depicts rhythmic gymnasts in St. Petersburg.

    Rineke Dijkstra

    Jan 13 - Feb 21, 2015

    Marian Goodman Gallery | Paris

    79 rue du Temple  / +33148047052 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 7pm

  • Ends February 28th 2015

  • Following the Centre Pompidou’s Jésus Rafael Soto retrospective in 2013, Galerie Perrotin dedicates its Paris and New York spaces to the late Venezuelan Op artist. On view are important historical and recent works (from 1957 to 2003), many borrowed from the artist’s estate and from various institutions.

    Jesus Rafael Soto Chronochrome

    Jan 10 - Feb 28, 2015

    Galerie Perrotin | Turenne

    76 rue de Turenne  / +33142167979 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 7pm

  • Known for her critiques of consumer culture, Croatian artist Dora Budor uses materials from the film industry to create her latest body of work. Wall-mounted sculptures and a pair of movie theater–style armchairs are festooned with actual Hollywood special effects artifacts such as silicone scars and cyborg prosthetics.

    Dora Budor The Architect's Plan, His Contagion, and Sensitive Corridors

    Jan 17 - Feb 28, 2015

    New Galerie

    2 rue Borda  / + 33142745075 /
    Tue - Sat 2pm to 7pm

  • Ends March 14th 2015

  • Jessica Stockholder’s sixth show with Nathalie Obadia includes a monumental site-specific installation created in response to the gallery’s architecture. Shown together with seven smaller sculptures, Stockholder’s landscape of ordinary objects appears simultaneously orderly and chaotic.

    Jessica Stockholder

    Jan 22 - Mar 14, 2015

    Galerie Nathalie Obadia | 18 rue du Bourg-Tibourg

    18 rue du Bourg-Tibourg  / +33153019976 /
    Mon - Sat 11am to 7pm

  • Following her 2014 presentation at the Serpentine Galleries in London, American artist Trisha Donnelly’s fourth show with Air de Paris similarly adheres to her wont—the exhibition provides neither explanatory wall text nor a press release, thus challenging viewers to interpret the works according to their own associations and impulses.

    Trisha Donnelly

    Jan 17 - Mar 14, 2015

    Air de Paris

    32 rue Louise Weiss  / +33144230277 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 7pm

  • Ends March 15th 2015

  • Daniel Buren’s fourth solo show at Kamel Mennour is a site-specific installation, made of marble, stone, granite, and graphite. Buren is familiar with the exhibition space, as he exhibited there more than three decades ago, when it belonged to Galerie Eric Fabre.

    Daniel Buren Au Fur et à Measure

    Jan 24 - Mar 15, 2015

    Kamel Mennour | 6 Rue du Pont de Lodi

    6 Rue du Pont de Lodi  / +33156240363 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 7pm

  • Reprising the snake motif from his presentation at the Swiss Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale, Valentin Carron’s current exhibition features “belt snakes,” which are shown in the context of a barn facade with an exact replica of a 1950s sculpture by Swiss artist Andre Gigon.

    Valentin Carron L'Autoroute du Soleil à Minuit

    Jan 24 - Mar 15, 2015

    Galerie Kamel Mennour | 47 rue Saint-André des arts

    47 rue Saint-André des arts  / +33156240363 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 7pm

  • Ends March 21st 2015

  • Known primarily for his interventions in public and private spaces, so-called anti-happenings, the late Slovakian artist Július Koller aimed to break down barriers between art and life. The current exhibition presents a work that was part of the artist’s performance at the 2003 Venice Biennale.

    Július Koller A. for Atlantis

    Jan 31 - Mar 21, 2015

    gb agency

    18 rue des 4 Fils  / +33144780060 /
    Tue - Sat 10am to 7pm

  • Ends April 27th 2015

  • Twenty-seven years after Jeff Koons’s famous sculpture of an inflated Mylar bunny toy (Rabbit, 1986) was shown at the Pompidou Center, the American artist is back with his first major retrospective in Europe. Having traveled from the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the show features new creations and many of the artist’s best-known works, from his basketball aquariums to monumental balloon-animal sculptures.

    Jeff Koons

    Nov 26, 2014 - Apr 27, 2015

    Centre Pompidou

    Place Georges-Pompidou  / +33144781233 /
    Wed - Mon 11am to 10pm