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Today is:September 30, 2016
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  • kim? Contemporary Art Centre

    Sporta 2, 1st floor /
    Tue - Sun 12pm to 6pm

    Daiga Grantiņa Heap-core,,,

    Sep 2 - Oct 16, 2016

    Paris-based artist’s, Daiga Grantiņa’s, first solo-exhibition in Riga.

    Edgars Gluhovs L’UOMO VAGUE

    Sep 2 - Oct 16, 2016

    An overview of Gluhovs's creative activities since he left his position in a Zurich private bank one year ago.

    INGA MELDERE Coloring Books

    Sep 2 - Oct 16, 2016

    A continuation of the thoughts and methods initially addressed in solo-exhibition at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery in Tallinn.

  • Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

    Alberta Street 13, 7th floor  / +37167039282 /
    Mon - Fri 12pm to 6pm

    Augusta Laar The Reconstruction of Poetry

    Aug 11 - Sep 30, 2016

    Augusta Laar has created video works and installations, written love poems and photographed city landscapes.