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Today is:September 22, 2014
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Monday, September 22

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    356 S. Mission Rd.

    356 South Mission Road  / +13236093162 /
    Wed - Sun 11am to 6pm

    355 Mission is an exhibition space initiated by artist Laura Owens. The space also features Twooga Booga, Ooga Booga's second location.

    Jonathan Horowitz 599 Dots

    Sep 20 - Dec 21, 2014

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    Actual Size Los Angeles

    741 New High St.  / +12132905458 /
    Sat - Sun 12pm to 5pm

    Alika Cooper Determined By The Sun

    Sep 6 - 27, 2014

    A installation that explodes the interplay between scale, shape and distance within Coopers paintings into an extended environment.

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    2404 Wilshire Boulevard, 1A  / +12134567890 /
    Mon - Fri 11am to 5pm

    ASHES/ASHES is a new Los Angeles gallery located in The American Cement Building overlooking historic MacArthur Park.

    Jake Dibeler GOODBYE

    Aug 15 - Sep 26, 2014

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    The Box

    805 Traction Avenue  / +12136251747 /
    Wed - Sat 12pm to 6pm

    Stan VanDerBeek Poemfield MUST SEE

    Sep 13 - Oct 25, 2014

    More information to be announced.

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    Brewery Arts Complex

    2100 N. Main #A10  / +13236389382 /
    Sat - Sun 11am to 6pm

    Art community holding Open studios twice a year. Next April 26th & 27th, 11am-6pm each day. Free and Open to the public.
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    CB1 Gallery

    207 West 5th Street  / +12138067889 /
    Wed - Sat 11am to 6pm, Sun 1pm to 6pm

    CB1 Gallery exhibits and promotes an intellectually demanding yet aesthetically pleasing group of younger & mid-career artists.
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    CES Contemporary

    711 Mateo Street  / +19493700554 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 6pm

    CES Contemporary specializes in local and international emerging contemporary art.
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    Charlie James Gallery

    969 Chung King Road  / +12136870844 /
    Wed - Sat 12pm to 6pm

    Eske Kath Arena

    Sep 6 - Oct 18, 2014

    This body of work will examine Kath’s interest in the forces of destruction and rebirth and the tension between chaos and control.

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    Cirrus Gallery

    542 S. Alameda Street  / +12136803473 /
    Tue - Sat 10am to 5pm

    Cirrus Gallery specializes in contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.
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    Coagula Curatorial

    974 Chung King Road  / +14242262485 /
    Wed - Sat 12pm to 5pm

    Marion Lane, Rochelle Botello DOUBLE TROUBLE

    Sep 6 - 27, 2014

    A unique collaboration between two artists, exploring the materiality and intuitive process that embraces chance, discovery and curiosity.

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    Eastside International

    602 Moulton Avenue  / +12108850239 /
    By appointment only

    Artist-run, alternative, contemporary art exhibition space and international artists’ residency based in Los Angeles.


    Sep 13 - Oct 4, 2014

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    Edgar Varela Fine Arts

    727 South Spring Street  / +12136043634 /
    Wed - Sat 12pm to 6pm

    Edgar Varela Fine Arts Gallery specializes in contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.
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    Favorite Goods

    936 1/2 Chung King Road  / +13234883289 /
    Sat 12pm to 5pm

    Favorite Goods is an artist run space dedicated to being a platform for ideas, artists, curators, and creativity.
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    Francois Ghebaly Gallery

    2245 E Washington Blvd.  / +13232825187 /
    Tue - Sat 12pm to 7pm

    Francois Ghebaly Gallery specializes in contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.

    Sayre Gomez

    Oct 10 - Dec 6, 2014 Reception: Fri Oct 10 7pm - 10pm

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    The Good Luck Gallery

    945 Chung King Road  / +12136250935 /
    Wed - Sun 12pm to 5pm

    William Dailey Old and Curious Books from the collection of William Dailey

    Sep 6 - Oct 11, 2014

    Good Luck Gallery will be reinventing itself as a bookstore and focusing on the collector as artist throughout the month of September

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    Human Resources LA

    410 Cottage Home Street  / +12132904752 /
    By appointment only

    Cake and Eat It Strike Halls

    Sep 18 - 30, 2014

    Cake and Eat It investigates the possibility of strike and communitarian exchange of social capital in a culture of precarity and domination

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    Jancar Gallery

    961 Chung King Road  / +12136252522 /
    Thu - Sat 12pm to 5pm

    Jancar Gallery specializes in contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.


    Sep 6 - Oct 4, 2014

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    Jancar Jones

    1031 N. Broadway  / +12132593770 /
    Thu - Fri 4pm to 7pm, Sat 12pm to 5pm

    Jancar Jones Gallery specializes in contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.

    Claire Nereim

    Sep 13 - Oct 18, 2014

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    LA Artcore Brewery Annex

    650 A South Avenue 21  / +13232769320 /
    Thu - Sun 12pm to 4pm

    Xi Hou, Go Woon Choi, John Rosewall Group Painting Show

    Sep 4 - 28, 2014

    The artists have in common an experimental drive to the way they approach the canvas, creating imagery that satisfies their senses

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    LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts

    120 Judge John Aiso Street  / +12136173274 /
    Wed - Sun 12pm to 5pm

    Carla Viparelli, Amedeo Sanzone, Nicola Torcoli, Maria Grazia Zanmarchi International Exchange Show with Italy

    Sep 3 - 28, 2014

    International Exchange Show between Art1307 of Naples, Italy and L.A. Artcore to its Union Center for

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    LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown

    932 Chung King Road  / +12136219988 /
    Wed - Sat 1pm to 6pm

    LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown Gallery specializes in contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.
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    MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Schindler House

    835 North Kings Road  / +13236511510 /
    Wed - Sun 11am to 6pm

    The MAK Center develops local and international projects exploring experimental ideas in modern and contemporary art and architecture.
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    metro pcs

    422 Ord Street, 2nd Floor, Suite D  / +13233885650 /
    Thu 7pm to 10pm, Sat 12pm to 6pm

    metro pcs is an artist project gallery, run by Ian James and Matt Siegle. We are located in Chinatown, LA. Entrance on Hill Street.

    Keith Rocka Knittel and Steve Kado

    Sep 25 - Nov 1, 2014 Reception: Thu Sep 25 7pm - 10pm

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    1419 East Adams Boulevard  / +13232321158 /
    Mon - Fri 10am to 5pm

    Mixografia specializes in a printing process that has provided a way for artists to create a 3-dimensional relief print on handmade paper.
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    Night Gallery

    2276 East 16th Street  / +13235891135 /
    Tue - Sat 12pm to 7pm

    Night Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Los Angeles. Please contact gallery for more info.
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    Park View

    836 S. Park View Street, #8  / +12135093518 /
    Sun 2pm to 7pm

    Uta Barth, John Divola, Barbara Probst “I feel the need to express something...”

    Sep 28 - Nov 2, 2014 Reception: Sun Sep 28 4pm - 7pm

    “​...but I don't know what it is I want to express. Or how to express it.”

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    1100 South Hope Street, Suite 105  / +12134051488 /
    Tue - Sat 10am to 6pm

    PYO GALLERY LA was established in the Downtown sector of Los Angeles, as a cultural link between Asia and the US.
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    SAGE Projects at Gateway Gallery

    860 S. Los Angeles Street, (inside Cooper Design Space)  / +13106331737 /
    Mon - Fri 9am to 7pm, Sat - Sun 11am to 4pm

    SAGE Projects provides a mobile platform for showcasing work by emerging and established artists within energizing, unique environments.
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    South of Sunset

    1218 1/2 West Temple Street  / +12139156003 /
    By appointment only

    South of Sunset is an exhibition and performance space in Echo Park founded by Elizabeth DiGiovanni and Megan Dudley.

    TWOFOLD — curated by Lia Trinka-Browner

    Oct 1 - 22, 2014 Reception: Wed Oct 1 8pm - 10pm

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    SCI-Arc Gallery (Southern California Institute of Architecture)

    960 E. 3rd Street  / +12133565347 /
    10am to 6pm daily, 10am to 6pm daily

    SCI-Arc Gallery exhibitions are an intersection between the various communities in which the institution participates.
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    Soze Gallery

    2020 E. 7th Street, Suite B  / +13233662734 /
    Tue - Sat 2pm to 7pm

    Soze Gallery in Downtown LA that exhibits and represents established international and local artists focused on urban and graffiti art.
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    767 S. Alameda Avenue, Building 2, Unit 100  / +18185155875 /
    By appointment only

    BYOB - Bring Your Own Beamer

    Sep 25, 2014 Reception: Thu Sep 25 8pm - 12am

    BYOB is an informal, open-sourced celebration of new media. A one night video + sound event.

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    Wilding Cran Gallery

    939 South Santa Fe Avenue, Unit A  / +12134539000 /
    Thu - Fri 11am to 4pm, Sat 12pm to 7pm


    Sep 20 - Nov 1, 2014

    The exhibition marks Alexander’s first solo show at the gallery and presents the artist’s latest photo-collage work.

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    Works Sited

    630 West Fifth Street, Los Angeles Central Library  / +12132287412 /
    Mon 10am to 8pm, Tue 10am to 8pm, Wed 10am to 8pm, Fri - Sat 10am to 5:30pm

    Works Sited is an ongoing series of programs featuring work with themes relating to the library's collections and practices.
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    Young Art

    5658 Hollywood Blvd /
    Thu - Sat 12pm to 6pm

    Young Art exhibits contemporary work by emerging artists. Please contact gallery for more information.

    Min Song Tromp L'oeil Depression

    Sep 13 - Oct 11, 2014