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Today is:July 14, 2014
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Must See Berlin

Monday, July 14

  • Opens July 17th 2014

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    Focusing on Otto Piene’s early artistic career in the 1960s and early ’70s, the exhibition at the Neue Nationalgalerie presents a large-scale re-creation of a projection Peine originally produced in New York in 1967 while collaborating with the ZERO group. Shown in the large hall of the Neue Nationalgalerie, Pienne’s handpainted slides create an experience that the artist has described as a “poetic journey through space.”

    Otto Piene More Sky

    Jul 17 - Aug 31, 2014

    Neue Nationalgalerie

    Potsdamer Straße 50  / +49302662651 /
    Tue - Fri 10am to 6pm, Sat - Sun 11am to 6pm

  • Ends July 26th 2014

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    Huma Bhabha’s first solo exhibition in Berlin reflects the Pakistan-born, New York–based artist’s recent experience in Germany, as an artist-in-residence at Berlin’s American Academy. The sculptures and collages made during her residency in 2013 make reference to German Expressionism as well as the work of Georg Baselitz and Anselm Keifer.

    Huma Bhabha

    May 2 - Jul 26, 2014

    VW (VeneKlasen/Werner)

    Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse 26  / +4930816160418 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 6pm

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    Vera Lutter’s latest photographs were made using a camera obscura—a darkened room with a pinhole that projects an upside down image onto photographic paper mounted on the back wall—though these new works show the artist treating less recognizable subjects than she has in the past with the same technique. The subjects of her current exhibition include a Romanesque medieval abbey, a radio telescope in Germany, and a forest in upstate New York.

    Vera Lutter

    Jun 14 - Jul 26, 2014
  • Ends August 2nd 2014

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    On the occasion of the publication of the catalogue, TITTIPUSSIDAD, conceived designed and edited by Julian Simmons and documenting Sarah Lucas’s trip to Mexico in 2012, Contemporary Fine Arts presents an exhibition of photographs from the catalogue, original sculptures by Lucas, and a sixty-nine-minute film also made by Simmons during their Mexican adventure.

    Sarah Lucas, Julian Simmons Tittipussidad

    Jun 13 - Aug 2, 2014

    Contemporary Fine Arts (CFA)

    Am Kupfergraben 10  / +49302887870 /
    Tue - Fri 10am to 6pm, Sat 10am to 6pm

  • Ends August 3rd 2014

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    Bringing together a diverse range of local and international artistic perspectives, the Eighth Berlin Biennale, curated by Juan A. Gaitán, takes over four venues across Berlin. Many participating artists have created new works specifically for the event, which, overall, endeavors to present fresh perspectives on the city itself.

    May 29 - Aug 3, 2014

    Berlin Biennale

    Auguststraße 69  / +49302434590 /

  • Ends August 23rd 2014

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    Timed to coincide with the traveling Philip Guston exhibition (at Hamburg's Sammlung Falckenberg until May 25; then at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk until June 28), Aurel Scheibler is showing three of the late artist's charcoal drawings along with seven oil paintings. While two early paintings from 1961 and 1962 show Guston working in a fully abstract style, the later works reveal the artist's mature figurative style.

    Philip Guston

    May 2 - Aug 23, 2014

    Aurel Scheibler

    Schöneberger Ufer 71  / +493025938607 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 6pm

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    Since Elizabeth Peyton first engaged with the work of German composer Richard Wagner in 2011, when she created new paintings for an exhibition at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera, the artist has made many works related to opera. Her current show features portraits and still lifes inspired by Wagner’s nineteenth-century opera Tannhäuser.

    Elizabeth Peyton Da scheinest Du, oh lieblichster der Sterne

    Jun 13 - Aug 23, 2014


    Linienstraße 155  / +493028877277 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 6pm

  • Ends September 13th 2014

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    Presenting photographs made between 1968 and 1971, this exhibition focuses on Zofia Kulik’s earliest artistic work, made while Kulik was still a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Select fragments from a large body of work show the artist's interest in the relationship—and theoretical intersection—between film and sculpture.

    Zofia Kulik Instead of Sculpture – Sequences 1968-71

    May 2 - Sep 13, 2014

    Zak | Branicka

    Lindenstrasse 34-35, Third Floor  / +493061107375 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 6pm