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Today is:July 24, 2014
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Thursday, July 24

  • Ends Tomorrow, July 25th 2014

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    Carl Andre’s conviction to form comes through in this show, which presents sculptures in cedar, sandstone, and steel, created over a period of thirty years. The striated bricks in the “Isohedron” series engage the capacious gallery, beckoning at works like Ferox and Ninth Steel Corner, which sit weathered and rusted at the back of the space. A retrospective of the artist is currently on view at the Dia:Beacon.

    Carl Andre

    May 25 - Jul 25, 2014

    Paula Cooper Gallery | 534 West 21st Street

    534 West 21st Street  / +12122551105 /
    Tue - Sat 10am to 6pm

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    Louise Lawler’s “tracings"—sketches of photographs featuring artworks in private collections and storage houses—are the subject of her latest exhibition at Metro Pictures. Printed on vinyl and mounted directly to the wall, the works lend themselves to a range of concerns, from the malleability of the photograph to the mechanics of the market and the artist’s negotiation of that increasingly Brobdingnagian machine.

    Louise Lawler No Drones

    Jun 5 - Jul 25, 2014

    Metro Pictures

    519 West 24th Street  / +12122067100 /
    Tue - Sat 10am to 6pm

  • Ends August 8th 2014

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    Fifty years after their American debut, Marcel Duchamp’s editioned readymades—including Fountain, Bicycle Wheel, Hat Rack, and Traveler’s Folding Item—are again on view, and in the same building in which they were originally presented. The issues of artistic integrity addressed in that show, which paralleled the rise of Pop and presaged the appropriationist methods deployed by artists of the Pictures Generation, haunt this one, too. With the Jeff Koons retrospective right down the road, this exhibition couldn’t be better timed.

    Marcel Duchamp

    Jun 26 - Aug 8, 2014

    Gagosian Gallery | 980 Madison Avenue

    980 Madison Avenue  / +12127442313 /
    Tue - Sat 10am to 6pm

  • Ends August 24th 2014

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    For Brazilian artist Lygia Clark's first comprehensive exhibition in North America, MoMA presents three hundred of the artist's drawings, paintings, sculptures, and participatory works from the late 1940s to the early 1980s. The survey, drawn from both public and private collections, organizes the artist’s work into three key themes: abstraction, Neo-concretism, and the “abandonment” of art.

    Lygia Clark The Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988

    May 10 - Aug 24, 2014

    MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art

    11 West 53rd Street  / +12127089400 /
    Sat - Thu 10:30am to 5:30pm, Fri 10:30am to 8pm

  • Ends September 1st 2014

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    The first comprehensive US survey of Italian Futurism presents more than three hundred works including everything from painting and sculpture to architecture, fashion, film, advertising, free-form poetry, music, theater, and performance. Organized by Vivien Greene, the Guggenheim’s curator of nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century work, the exhibition chronicles the movement from its feverish inception in 1909 with F. T. Marinetti’s Futurist manifesto to its quietus as Word War II drew to a close.

    Italian Futurism, 1909–1944: Reconstructing the Universe

    Feb 21 - Sep 1, 2014

    Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

    1071 Fifth Avenue  / +12124233500 /
    Sun - Wed 10am to 5:30pm, Sat 10am to 7:30pm

  • Ends September 7th 2014

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    In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Andy Warhol’s contribution to the 1964 New York World’s Fair, the Queens Museum shows nine paintings made with the screens the artist used to create the controversial 13 Most Wanted Men, 1964, a work that depicted the enlarged mug shots of thirteen of the NYPD’s most-wanted criminals of 1962. Another 175 related objects are also on view.

    Andy Warhol 13 Most Wanted Men: Andy Warhol and the 1964 World’s Fair

    Apr 27 - Sep 7, 2014

    Queens Museum

    New York City Building, Flushing Meadows  / +17185929700 /
    Wed - Sun 12pm to 6pm

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    For Maria Lassnig’s most significant survey ever presented in the United States, MoMA PS1 exhibits fifty of the artist’s paintings as well as a selection of watercolors and filmic works—most of which have never been shown in the US. The included works span all periods of the artist’s career, from her early graphic abstractions produced in Paris to her later figural representations.

    Maria Lassnig

    Mar 9 - Sep 7, 2014

    MoMA PS1

    22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue  / +17187842084 /
    Thu - Mon 12pm to 6pm

  • Ends September 28th 2014

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    For “Here and Elsewhere,” curator Massimiliano Gioni aims to counter any notion that contemporary art in the Arab world might be homogeneous. Instead, his large survey of art in the Middle East—including works by forty-five artists from fifteen countries—focuses on a group with practices that might conceptually or aesthetically reference the Middle East, but which extend far beyond the purview of mere geography.

    Here and Elsewhere

    Jul 16 - Sep 28, 2014

    New Museum

    235 Bowery  / +12122191222 /
    Wed 11am to 6pm, Thu 11am to 9pm, Fri - Sun 11am to 6pm

  • Ends October 19th 2014

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    This exhaustive retrospective is the first to examine Jeff Koons’s career in its entirety. Curator Scott Rothkopf has reconstituted groundbreaking series in a chronological narrative that asserts Koons as one of the most crucial artists of the postwar era. The weighty catalogue, with texts by Isabelle Graw, Rachel Kushner, Michelle Kuo, Jeffrey Deitch, and Antonio Damasio, among others, promises to be a summer read like no other.

    JEFF KOONS Jeff Koons: A Retrospective

    Jun 27 - Oct 19, 2014

    Whitney Museum of American Art

    945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street  / +12125703600 /
    Wed - Thu 11am to 6pm, Fri 1pm to 9pm, Sat - Sun 11am to 6pm

  • Ends October 26th 2014

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    The first museum survey of Charles Gaines brings together four decades of work. From his early experiments with systems and codes to his later examinations of subjectivity, the exhibition forms a pivotal link between 1960s and ’70s Conceptualists and artists that followed.

    Charles Gaines Charles Gaines: Gridwork 1974–1989

    Jul 17 - Oct 26, 2014

    The Studio Museum in Harlem

    144 West 125th Street  / +12128644500 /
    Thu - Fri 12pm to 9pm, Sat 10am to 6pm, Sun 12pm to 6pm