February 1989

Table of Contents


  • Books

    Hal Foster on The Predicament of Culture
  • Believe It or Not

    J. Hoberman on American Myths
  • Exits and Entrances

    John Howell on Voguing
  • Folio

    Andrew Solomon on Bookbinding
  • The Cave

    Vera Dika on Talk Radio

  • Of Cold Wars and Curators
    Maurice Berger
  • Television's Body
    Charles Hagen
  • Diminutions and Divinations: David Hodges
    Ingrid Rein
  • Altruism Perfume
    Erika Rothenberg A project for Artforum
  • Reference to Breakdown: Joel Shapiro's Sculptures of the '80s
    Kenneth Baker
  • The Desperation of the Nebulae
    Denys Zacharopoulos
  • Lifesaving in the Acrylic Age
    Ronald Jones
  • Yoko Ono Solo
    Carlo McCormick
  • Antonio!
    Herbert Muschamp