March 1989

Table of Contents


  • Books

    Daniel Soutif on L'art Africain
  • Appetizer

    Book Preview of Venus in Furs
  • Curies' Children

    Vilem Flusser on Discovery
  • Folio

    Barbara Moore on Artists' Publications
  • Here There & Otherwise

    John Welchman on Elsewhere
  • Like Art

    Glenn O'Brien on Advertising
  • Special Effects

    Carol Squires on The News and Its Pictures

  • Dona Nelson's Time Pieces
    Lisa Liebmann
  • The Closed Book
    Michelangelo Pistoletto, a project for Artforum Photography by Ari Marcopoulos
  • Franz West: The Antibody to Anti-Body
    Helmut Draxler
  • Houses by Thomas Ruff
  • Through a Glass Darkly
    John Perreault
  • Karen Finley's Poisoned Meatloaf
    Maria Nadotti
  • Domestic Science
    Charles V. Miller
  • Two Exhibitions
  • Morbid Manners...
    Donald Kuspit
  • And Meager Magnetism
    Norbert Messler