May 1989

Table of Contents


  • At the Limits

    Homi K. Bhabha on The Power of the Text
  • Believe It or Not

    J. Hoberman on American Myths
  • Expertease

    Bell Hooks on Cultural Interrogations
  • Folio

    Buzz Spector on John Baldessari's Tristram Shandy
  • Special Effects

    Carol Squires on The News and Its Pictures
  • What in the World

    Andrew Solomon on The Art of Perestroika Part II

  • Added Attractions
    Patricia C. Phillips
  • Dromos Indiana
    Francesc Torres, A project for Artforum
  • Mourning in America: Diamanda Galas
    Richard Gehr
  • Some Things that Cannot Be Said Any Other Way
    Alexandre Melo
  • Ideas and Emotions
    David Deitcher
  • Egyptian Secrets, or Johnny Investigates the Afterlife
    Johnny, A project for Artforum
  • Sport Illustrated
    Melissa Harris
  • If You Go Down in the Woods Today: Fortuyn/O'Brien
    Per Luigi Tazzi
  • The Night Owl
    Anthony Korner