September 1993

Table of Contents



    Etc. Etc.
    Jack Bankowsky
  • ARTFORUM ’62 - ’79

    John Irwin on Ars Longa, Pecunia Brevis
  • Phil Leider, Editor
  • Walter Hopps on No Phil, No Forum
  • Richard Serra on He Was a Great Editor
  • Irving Blum on He Was Extremely Talkative
  • John Coplans on He Was Extremely Terse
  • Chuck Close on He Called Me Chuck
  • Michael Fried on He Was a Great Editor, and He Loved his Wife
  • John Coplans, Peter Plagens on A Conversation
  • Angela Westwater on Let Slip the Dogs of War: Editing Artforum
  • Charles Cowles, Henry Geldzahler on A Conversation
  • Robert Pincus-Witten on The Page Was My Party
  • Joseph Masheck on Yours Faithfully,

  • Andy Warhol’s Brillo Box
    Arthur C. Danto
  • Bertrand Lavier’s Giulietta
    Daniel Soutif
  • Gerhard Richter’s Betty
    Jim Lewis
  • Gilles Peress’ Cajamarca, Peru, 1991
    Max Kozloff
  • Lorna Simpson’s Waterbearer
    Bell Hooks
  • Anthony Caro’s Midday
    Michael Fried
  • Pauline Kael’s I Lost It at the Movies
    Greil Marcus
  • Philip Pearlstein’s Portrait of Linda Nochlin and Richard Pommer
    Linda Nochlin
  • Bill Viola’s The Passing
    Donald Kuspit
  • Susan Rothenberg’s United States
    Peter Schjeldahl
  • Jeff Koons’ Christ and the Lamb
    Robert Rosenblum
  • Jonathan Borofsky’s What Is Dragging Me?
    Rhonda Lieberman
  • Daniel Schmid’s La Paloma
    Gary Indiana
  • Robert Mapplethorpe’s Man in Polyester Suit
    Germano Celant
  • Paul McCarthy’s and Mike Kelley’s Heidi
    Jan Avgikos
  • Marcel Duchamp’s Étant donnés
    Molly Nesbit
  • ARTFORUM ’80 - ’93
  • Waldo Rising
    Richard Flood
  • Ingrid Sischy:
    A Conversation with Jack Bankowsky
  • Hip to be Square
    Lisa Liebmann
  • Sweet Thoughts
    Thomas McEvilley
  • Bobbies and Buddhists and Boone, Oh My!
    Stuart Morgan
  • Ida Panicelli:
    A Conversation with Alessandra Mammí
  • Fourteen Years On: Just the Highlights
    Anthony Korner
  • Word Up!
    Barbara Kruger
  • Picture This
    Amy Baker Sandback
  • The Graying of Criticism
    Thomas Crow
  • Think or Thwim
    Glenn O’Brien

  • Rosalind E. Krauss on Cindy Sherman’s Gravity: A Critical Fable
  • John Rajchman on The Lightness of Theory
  • Homi K. Bhabha on Culture’s In Between