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by DavidColman (11.03.09 05:04 pm)

Amen, Wendy—- well observed, analyzed and stated.

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by thingsthatfall (11.06.09 09:16 am)

There are three clear signs when the art world is getting really really nervous about its relevance:
The cool kids hunker down in a palace somewhere for a nihilistic, high-concept fist fuck.
The altruists get in screaming matches over who is doing the most ‘good’ (see CB's diary Public Opinion).
The rest of us hate the first two groups. We'd rather just sit at home and stew, or pitch a tent in the Blinky Palermo gallery at Dia and shoot anyone who tries to enter.

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by Mark Kostabi (11.06.09 10:01 am)

Many people in the art world have an unnecessary inferiority complex about the art world. The art world doesn't need an awards ceremony like the Academy Awards. Most people in the film industry look up to the art world, not down at it, when thinking of greatness — proven by the fact that producers,directors and actors routinely spend millions on original paintings and in their films they emulate Caravaggio's lighting, Hopper's staging and Van Gogh's emotion. People talk about “the art of film,” not “the film of art.” Plus, the art world already has plenty of awards, with the Turner Prize, the Hugo Boss award, the Rome Prize, Guggenheim grants, etc and all the museum retrospectives and shows “awarded” to artists. Knowing Rob Priutt, I suppose his event was more send-up than sacred. But the idea of doing a serious Art Awards ceremony makes me sort of cringe at the idea of a whole new venue for clique-ism, favoritism, favorism and all the other high schoolish social games that we already have plenty of in the art world.
Mark Kostabi

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by FakeName5678 (11.06.09 12:42 pm)

i find myself agreeing with the above three posts.

where can i get tix to the cool kidz vs. altruists knife fight ?

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by yasha_kazhdan (11.19.09 03:15 am)

Art Delivers People