A Man was Lynched by Police Yesterday


(Highly recommended: NPR's podcast Planet Money #713 Paying...)

1 message, Thursday 07.21 05:16 am

My So-Called Weekend


(DIARY - So-Called Weekend............... It seems great guys. It should...)

1 message, Tuesday 07.19 01:51 am

The blog is online here (most of it)


(Most of the blog is still online here...)

3 messages, Monday 07.18 01:38 am

Over the Edge


(DIARY - Someone might want to tell Mr. Cooper about...)

2 messages, Thursday 07.14 07:38 am

Good Bye NY Central Art Supply!


(Too sad. Kids buying prepared canvases at Michael's...)

1 message, Tuesday 07.12 03:28 pm

Collector Sues Woodward Gallery For Allegedly Selling Fake Warhol Prints


(Woodward Gallery emphatically refutes Nira Levine’s baseless and...)

1 message, Sunday 07.10 02:08 pm

Peter Doig lawsuit


(Bob Fletcher and I are not suing Peter...)

1 message, Saturday 07.09 09:19 am

Military Might


(FILM - Nice to see ArtForum covering cinema—yee haw! And...)

1 message, Thursday 07.07 08:59 pm

“The Female Gaze, Part Two: Women Look at Men”


(PICKS - Thank you Hannah Stamler for seeing the Albrecht...)

1 message, Friday 07.01 01:59 pm

Crab Walk


(DIARY - I can't believe you guys cut off Lupo...)

1 message, Friday 07.01 09:24 am

Swiss Performance Artist Arrested for Asking the Public to Touch Her Body


(Why no mention of Valie Export who did...)

1 message, Sunday 06.26 03:41 am

Armed with a Projector: GULF takes on Guggenheim


(by gregory sholette, 04.29.16 04:53 pm RE: Armed...)

1 message, Thursday 06.23 11:05 am

Support Sally Berger here


(We are gathering signatures for all opposed to...)

1 message, Thursday 06.23 02:17 am

Martin Creed


(500 WORDS - Dude!  Get Educated :) Love and Light,...)

1 message, Wednesday 06.22 05:59 pm

Bill Berkson


(He taught me everything I know (and like)...)

1 message, Friday 06.17 11:46 am

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