Frankenthaler - Bennington


(Does the recent grant of $5 million to...)

1 message, Thursday 03.26 05:52 pm

African Art Museum


(An exceptional location across from Central Park and...)

1 message, Thursday 03.19 02:03 pm

Alex Da Corte


(PICKS - Everything in the world is horrible except for...)

1 message, Friday 03.06 04:08 pm

Okwui Enwezor’s “All the World’s Futures”


(56 different countries, but no Canada. Canadian art...)

1 message, Friday 03.06 10:24 am

Punch and Judy


(SLANT - Nice art and performance.)

1 message, Saturday 02.28 07:00 am

Roy Lichtenstein Foundation Awards Artstor $75,000 to Support James Dee Archives


(Great, but what about my 25 year NYC...)

1 message, Sunday 02.22 05:47 pm

Fortune Teller


(FILM - Re: "“did not create a recognizable visual style...)

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