Behind the scenes at “Big Deal Tiny Creatures,” Los Angeles, 2010

    Tiny Creature 007

    2009, 6:00

    Filmed on December 16th, December 17th, Christmas, December 28th, and New Year's Eve 2009.

    Picture one: Mecca Vazie Andrews and the movement Movement, by Heidi Dickinson, opening night December 18th, 2009

    Picture two: Piper Kaplan in Puro Instinct, by unknown, Girls Gone Wild December 21st, 2009

    Picture three: Children of God by Matt Fishbeck, photo by S.A. Griffin

    Picture four: Ulysses by Kate Stewart, photo by J. Gold

    All footage at Big Deal Tiny Creatures @ D. I. Y. Gallery in Echo Park
    and Larkspur on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve in Angelino Heights.

    Footage taken by Kim & Cathey

    Music by John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
    Hold On John & I Found Out